Recommendations by my Salesforce colleagues.

I was impacted by the tech sector layoffs in Feb 2023. There is actually an upside to getting laid-off. You have so many wonderful and generous colleagues willing to write recommendations. Here’s a list of short summarized versions. The full recommendations can be found on my LinkedIn profile (

John R. Gagain Jr
3 min readFeb 27, 2023


Trudy Tran CaswellDirector, Tableau

As my coach John was someone I could bounce ideas with, brainstorm, and problem solve.

His ability to listen with curiosity and ask probing questions, enabled insights I would have not found on my own.

Jeremy CaseCustomer Success Architect

John truly looks at the human element of leading change and encourages investment in understanding one’s self and those to which change is occurring so that the change can be as successful as possible.

I’m indebted to him for bringing the Kotter Change Leader Intensive to Salesforce.

Dan SheehanEngagement Director (Leads projects with U.S. Veterans Affairs)

John is truly exceptional. He thinks big, he thinks bold, he truly invests his heart and mind into understanding a customer’s problems.

He can be a game changer for an organization seeking to understand why they may not be as productive as they could be.

John has the experience and tools to help companies get clarity — who have made large investments in software that haven’t yielded the expected ROI.

Ian WalkerSr. Director & Global Teaming Lead, Talent Development, Employee Success (HR)

John is a natural ‘people person’, connects easily with others, builds trusted relationships and facilitates challenging content.

Jaime EndickCommunications Lead, Global Creative Services

I was consistently impressed by John’s unwavering curiosity, attention to detail, and thoughtfulness.

He has a natural ability to ask insightful questions, which has led to a deeper understanding of the story we were tasked with building.

John also has a knack for catching even the smallest of details, ensuring that our work was of the highest quality.

Rebecca KillmeyerSenior Manager, Human-Centered Change

John is a heart felt communicator who can transform to meet any client need.

He is deeply curious about changing peoples behaviors and thoughts and that shows in his work in Change Management.

Latha SubramanianDirector, Enterprise Data Services

John defines the word patience and works closely to understand his coachee’s desired outcomes and helps pave the way to achieve those desired outcomes.

John is very structured and is a very good listener and adept at solving tough challenges.

He spent many months understanding my goals and working with my leaders to help shape desired outcomes for enhancing my leadership skills.

John is truly an amazing leadership and organization coach who can deliver great outcomes and shape future leaders.

Randy ReynoldsSenior Director of Software Engineering

I found John’s approach (as my Coach) supportive, inquisitive and enlightening.

John was an attentive listener and asked insightful questions to provoke new lines of thinking from me.



John R. Gagain Jr

I’m a Change professional that loves facilitating workshops for teams looking to be more innovative & impactful; coaching, storytelling, & leadership.